DataChileDataChile ()

The most comprehensive effort to integrate and visualize Chile’s Public Data

    What is DataChile?

    It offers an in-depth examination of the most important topics for the development of the country.

    It helps to know trends and needs for the design and implementation of public policies, civil society programs, business opportunities and marketing strategies of the private sector.

    Collaborate in making decisions in public and private sector.

    Why is DataChile different from other open data projects?

    Integrates information from more than 15 different sources belonging to more than 10 government agencies.

    Creates and combines interactive visualizations.

    Thinks the data as stories and not as files.


    DataChile integrates data from all these sources

    Socio-Economic Characterization Survey (CASEN)Ministry of Social Development (MDS)
    New National Employment Survey (NENE)National Institute for Statistics (INE)
    New Income Supplementary Survey (NESI)National Institute for Statistics (INE)
    Schools EnrollmentMinistry of Education (MINEDUC)
    Universities Admission Test (PSU)Educational Medition, Registry and Evaluation Department (DEMRE)
    Exports and Imports RegistryChile Customs
    Death CausesHealth Statististics and Information Department (DEIS)
    Health Access IndicatorsHealth Statististics and Information Department (DEIS)
    Life ExpectancyHealth Statististics and Information Department (DEIS)
    Migration StatisticsImmigration Department
    Disability National Survey (ENDISC)Disability National Service (SENADIS)
    Expenditure and Employees in R+D SurveyMinistry of Economy (MINECON)
    Schools PerformanceMinistry of Education (MINEDUC)
    Population projectionsNational Institute for Statistics (INE)
    Internet Use SurveyTelecommunications Office (SUBTEL)