What is DataChile?

DataChile is a platform that integrates, visualises and distributes chilean public data. DataChile goal is improving efficacy and efficiency of public decision making, throughout integrated data that helps revealing gaps in public services, identifying industrial diversification opportunities, and fostering a better informed audience.

What Data is in DataChile?

As of January 8, 2018, DataChile integrates information from 8 different public sources. These are:

  • Ministry of Social Development (MDS)
  • National Institute for Statistics (INE)
  • Chile’s Customs Office (ADUANAS)
  • Ministry of Economy (MINECON)
  • Ministry of Education (MINEDUC)
  • Educational Measurement, Registry, and Evaluation Department (DEMRE)
  • Immigration Department (MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR)
  • Telecommunications Office (SUBTEL)

How do I get my data into DataChile?

DataChile is not a big data project, or a universal data repository, but a system focused on integrated data sources that are relevant for public decision making. We are interested in data that is nationally comprehensive (available for most municipalities), relevant, and regularly updated.

If you would like your dataset to be considered for inclusion, please complete this form