2.0.0 - "Hualle" - 2019-03-27

New visualizations: Age Distribution by Geographical entities, Infant & Childhood Mortality, Student Dropout Rate, Vulnerability Index of schools by priority level, Emergency Care by Age and Patology, and Population Pyramid using CENSO 2017.

New datasets: Population and Housing Census (INE), Student Dropout Rate (MDS), Childhood & Infant Mortality (MINSAL - DEIS), Emergency Care (MINSAL) and Scholar Vulnerability Index (JUNAEB)

1.3.1 - "Guayacán" - 2018-05-11

Minor visual fixes. API docs updated. Width fixed on demography and civic sections.

1.3.0 - "Fitzroya" - 2018-04-20

New dataset & charts in education section: SNED Indicators

1.2.1 - "Encino" - 2018-02-16

New data visualizations in Civic section: electoral results: presidential, congress and mayor levels. Fixes in authorities in main splash.

1.2.0 - "Diamelo" - 2018-02-09

New dataset: Civic section. Electoral results and participation from last elections. Fixed some style issues. Added new download links to raw information sources on the About page.

1.1.1 - "Canelo" - 2018-02-02

Text fixes. Improve meta tags opengraph.

1.1.0 - "Belloto" - 2018-01-26

New datasets: Allegations of main crime categories, available for Geo profile, Housing topic, Security section (Source: Carabineros de Chile). Fixes on Health Insurance IDs for the CASEN survey data on 2003 and 2006. Added Comuna of Ñiquén in selection map. Various fixes on texts and translations (nan, N/A, etc). Design and style adjustments for desktop and mobile. Fixes on download links to raw information sources on the About page. Improvement on query performance for homepage.

1.0.1 - "Araucaria" - 2018-01-19

General bug fixes in various profiles, added background images, improved stability for Country Profile on countries with low data availability.

1.0.0 - Beta launch - 2018-01-08

Main page. Profile explorer. Entity search. Profiles: geo, countries, industries, and products. More than 15 datasets about: economy, demography, education, health, and housing.