Who made DataChile?

DataChile was created by Datawheel, a global leader in the creation of data integration, visualization, and distribution systems. Datawheel was founded by Cesar Hidalgo, Dave Landry and Alex Simoes in 2013. Datawheel is the creator of Data USA (winner of an Information is Beautiful Award in 2016 and a Webby Award in 2017), DataAfrica, DataViva, and other private systems for governments and firms.

Datachile's team is composed by:

  • Francisco Abarzúa
  • Manuel Aristarán
  • María Victoria Ferrieri
  • Catalina Gobantes Marín
  • César Hidalgo
  • Carlos Navarrete Lizama
  • Sebastián Melín
  • Pablo H. Paladino
  • Gabriela Pérez Ponce
  • Mauricio 'Pachá' Vargas

Who financed DataChile?

DataChile has received public and private financing. Initial support was given by Antofagasta Minerals early in 2016. At the end of 2016, Corfo and Chile’s Ministry of Economía joined the effort. Late in 2017, DataChile also received support from the Explora Lab of Entel.

Who owns DataChile?

DataChile is a public good (owned by all Chileans), but it will be managed by the Chilean government starting April 2018, once Corfo funding finishes.

Who is responsible for updating DataChile?

Until April 2018 DataChile updates are the responsibility of Datawheel. Starting April 2018, DIRECON (Dirección General de Relaciones Económicas Internacionales), which is a department from the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, will take possession of DataChile and will be responsible for updating its data and features.