All countries
Europe, Continent.
Portugal, Country.
Federal Republic of Germany, Country.
German Democratic Republic (GDR), Country.
Italy, Country.
France, Country.
Ireland, Country.
Denmark, Country.
Switzerland, Country.
Austria, Country.
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Nort…, Country.
Sweden, Country.
Finland, Country.
Norway, Country.
Belgium, Country.
Netherlands, Country.
Iceland, Country.
Spain, Country.
Albania, Country.
Romania, Country.
Greece, Country.
Russian Federation, Country.
Malta, Country.
Holy See, Country.
Andorra, Country.
Yugoslavia, Country.
Bulgaria, Country.
Poland, Country.
Hungary, Country.
Luxembourg, Country.
Liechtenstein, Country.
Monaco, Country.
San Marino, Country.
Belarus, Country.
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Country.
Czech Republic, Country.
Slovakia, Country.
Serbia, Country.
Croatia, Country.
Slovenia, Country.
Estonia, Country.
Latvia, Country.
Lithuania, Country.
Macedonia, Country.
Moldova, Country.
Ukraine, Country.
Montenegro, Country.
Russia, Country.
Germany, Country.
Gibraltar, Country.
Guernsey, Country.
Isle of Man, Country.
Jersey, Country.