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Vegetable Products, Product.
Bulbs and Roots, Product.
Plants, live; n.e.c. in heading no. 0601…, Product.
Cut Flowers, Product.
Foliage, Product.
Potatoes, Product.
Tomatoes, Product.
Onions, Product.
Cabbages, Product.
Lettuce, Product.
Root Vegetables, Product.
Cucumbers, Product.
Legumes, Product.
Vegetables; n.e.c. in chapter 07, fresh …, Product.
Frozen Vegetables, Product.
Vegetables provisionally preserved; (e.g…, Product.
Dried Vegetables, Product.
Vegetables, leguminous; shelled, whether…, Product.
Manioc, arrowroot, salep, Jerusalem arti…, Product.
Coconuts, Brazil Nuts, and Cashews, Product.
Other Nuts, Product.
Bananas, Product.
Tropical Fruits, Product.
Citrus, Product.
Grapes, Product.
Melons, Product.
Apples and Pears, Product.
Pitted Fruits, Product.
Fruit, fresh; n.e.c. in chapter 08, Product.
Frozen Fruits and Nuts, Product.
Fruit and nuts provisionally preserved; …, Product.
Dried Fruits, Product.
Citrus and Melon Peels, Product.
Coffee, Product.
Tea, Product.
Maté, Product.
Pepper, Product.
Vanilla, Product.
Cinnamon, Product.
Cloves (whole fruit, cloves and stems), Product.
Nutmeg, Product.
Spice Seeds, Product.
Spices, Product.
Wheat, Product.
Rye, Product.
Barley, Product.
Oats, Product.
Corn, Product.
Rice, Product.
Sorghum, Product.
Buckwheat, millet and canary seeds; othe…, Product.
Wheat Flours, Product.
Cereal Flours, Product.
Cereal Meal and Pellets, Product.
Cereal grains otherwise worked (e.g. hul…, Product.
Flour, meal, powder, flakes, granules an…, Product.
Flour, meal and powder; of the dried leg…, Product.
Malt, Product.
Starches, Product.
Wheat Gluten, Product.
Soya beans, whether or not broken, Product.
Ground Nuts, Product.
Copra, Product.
Linseed, Product.
Rapeseed, Product.
Sunflower Seeds, Product.
Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits, n.e.c. …, Product.
Oil Seed Flower, Product.
Sowing Seeds, Product.
Hops, Product.
Perfume Plants, Product.
Locust beans, seaweeds and other algae, …, Product.
Cereal Straws, Product.
Forage Crops, Product.
Lac; natural gums, resins, gum-resins an…, Product.
Vegetable Saps, Product.
Vegetable materials of a kind used prima…, Product.
Other Vegetable Products, Product.