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Mineral Products, Product.
Salt, Product.
Iron Pyrites, Product.
Sulphur, Product.
Graphite, Product.
Sand, Product.
Quartz, Product.
Kaolin, Product.
Clays, Product.
Chalk, Product.
Calcium Phosphates, Product.
Barium Sulphate, Product.
Siliceous fossil meals (e.g. kieselguhr,…, Product.
Pumice, Product.
Slate, Product.
Marble, Travertine and Alabaster, Product.
Granite, Product.
Gravel and Crushed Stone, Product.
Dolomite, whether or not calcined or sin…, Product.
Magnesium Carbonate, Product.
Gypsum, Product.
Limestone, Product.
Quicklime, Product.
Portland cement, aluminous cement (cimen…, Product.
Asbestos, Product.
Mica, Product.
Soapstone, Product.
Natural borates and concentrates thereof…, Product.
Feldspar; leucite; nepheline and nepheli…, Product.
Other Mineral, Product.
Iron Ore, Product.
Manganese ores and concentrates, includi…, Product.
Copper Ore, Product.
Nickel Ore, Product.
Cobalt Ore, Product.
Aluminium Ore, Product.
Lead Ore, Product.
Zinc Ore, Product.
Tin Ores, Product.
Chromium Ore, Product.
Tungsten Ore, Product.
Uranium and Thorium Ore, Product.
Molybdenum Ore, Product.
Titanium Ore, Product.
Niobium, Tantalum, Vanadium and Zirconiu…, Product.
Precious Metal Ore, Product.
Ores and concentrates; n.e.c. in heading…, Product.
Granulated Slag, Product.
Slag Dross, Product.
Slag, ash and residues; (not from the ma…, Product.
Slag and ash n.e.c. in chapter 26; inclu…, Product.
Coal Briquettes, Product.
Lignite, Product.
Peat, Product.
Coke, Product.
Non-Petroleum Gas, Product.
Tar, Product.
Coal Tar Oil, Product.
Pitch Coke, Product.
Crude Petroleum, Product.
Petroleum oils and oils from bituminous …, Product.
Petroleum Gas, Product.
Petroleum Jelly, Product.
Petroleum Coke, Product.
Asphalt, Product.
Bituminous mixtures based on natural asp…, Product.
Electricity, Product.