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Chemical Products, Product.
Halogens, Product.
Sulfur, Product.
Carbon; carbon blacks and other forms of…, Product.
Hydrogen, Product.
Alkaline Metals, Product.
Hydrochloric Acid, Product.
Sulfuric Acid, Product.
Nitric Acids, Product.
Phosphoric Acid, Product.
Boron, Product.
Inorganic acids and other inorganic oxyg…, Product.
Halides, Product.
Nonmetal Sulfides, Product.
Ammonia, Product.
Sodium or Potassium Peroxides, Product.
Magnesium Hydroxide and Peroxide, Product.
Zinc Oxide and Peroxide, Product.
Aluminium Oxide, Product.
Chromium Oxides and Hydroxides, Product.
Manganese Oxides, Product.
Iron Oxides and Hydroxides, Product.
Cobalt Oxides and Hydroxides, Product.
Titanium Oxides, Product.
Lead Oxides, Product.
Inorganic Salts, Product.
Fluorides, Product.
Chlorides, Product.
Hypochlorites, Product.
Chlorates and Perchlorates, Product.
Sulphides; polysulphides whether or not …, Product.
Dithionites and Sulfoxylates, Product.
Sulfites, Product.
Sulfates, Product.
Nitrites and Nitrates, Product.
Phosphinates (hypophosphites), phosphona…, Product.
Carbonates, Product.
Cyanides, Product.
Silicates, Product.
Borates, Product.
Oxometallic or Peroxometallic Acid Salts, Product.
Salts of inorganic acids or peroxoacids,…, Product.
Precious Metal Compounds, Product.
Radioactive Chemicals, Product.
Other Isotopes, Product.
Rare-Earth Metal Compounds, Product.
Hydrogen peroxide, Product.
Phosphides, Product.
Carbides, Product.
Hydrides and other anions, Product.
Inorganic or organic compounds of mercur…, Product.
Inorganic compounds n.e.c. (including di…, Product.
Acyclic Hydrocarbons, Product.
Cyclic Hydrocarbons, Product.
Halogenated Hydrocarbons, Product.
Sulfonated, Nitrated or Nitrosated Hydro…, Product.
Acyclic Alcohols, Product.
Cyclic Alcohols, Product.
Phenols; monophenols, polyphenols, and p…, Product.
Phenols or phenol-alcohols; halogenated,…, Product.
Ethers, Product.
Epoxides, Product.
Acetals and Hemiacetals, Product.
Aldehydes, Product.
Aldehyde Derivatives, Product.
Ketones and Quinones, Product.
Saturated Acyclic Monocarboxylic Acids, Product.
Acids; unsaturated acyclic monocarboxyli…, Product.
Polycarboxylic Acids, Product.
Carboxylic Acids, Product.
Phosphoric Esters and Salts, Product.
Esters of other inorganic acids of non-m…, Product.
Amine Compounds, Product.
Oxygen Amino Compounds, Product.
Quaternary ammonium salts and hydroxides…, Product.
Carboxyamide Compounds, Product.
Carboxyimide Compounds, Product.
Nitrile Compounds, Product.
Diazo, Azo or Aoxy Compounds, Product.
Hydrazine or Hydroxylamine Derivatives, Product.
Nitrogen-function compounds, n.e.c. in c…, Product.
Organo-Sulfur Compounds, Product.
Other organo-inorganic compounds, Product.
Oxygen Heterocyclic Compounds, Product.
Heterocyclic compounds with nitrogen het…, Product.
Nucleic acids and their salts, whether o…, Product.
Sulfonamides, Product.
Vitamins, Product.
Hormones, prostaglandins, thromboxanes a…, Product.
Glycosides, Product.
Vegetable Alkaloids, Product.
Sugars, chemically pure, other than sucr…, Product.
Antibiotics, Product.
Organic compounds; n.e.c. in chapter 29, Product.
Glands and other organs (extracts, secre…, Product.
Human blood; animal blood for therapeuti…, Product.
Unpackaged Medicaments, Product.
Medicaments; (not goods of heading no. 3…, Product.
Bandages, Product.
Special Pharmaceuticals, Product.
Animal or Vegetable Fertilizers, Product.
Nitrogenous Fertilizers, Product.
Phosphatic Fertilizers, Product.
Potassic Fertilizers, Product.
Mixed Mineral or Chemical Fertilizers, Product.
Vegetable Tanning Extracts, Product.
Synthetic Tanning Extracts, Product.
Vegetable or Animal Dyes, Product.
Synthetic Coloring Matter, Product.
Lake Pigments, Product.
Colouring matter and preparations thereo…, Product.
Prepared Pigments, Product.
Nonaqueous Paints, Product.
Aqueous Paints, Product.
Other Paints, Product.
Prepared Paint Driers, Product.
Nonaqueous Pigments, Product.
Artistry Paints, Product.
Glaziers Putty, Product.
Ink, Product.
Oils; essential (concretes, absolutes); …, Product.
Odoriferous substances and mixtures (inc…, Product.
Perfumes, Product.
Beauty Products, Product.
Hair Products, Product.
Oral or dental hygiene preparations; inc…, Product.
Shaving Products, Product.
Soap; organic surface-active preparation…, Product.
Cleaning Products, Product.
Lubricating Products, Product.
Waxes, Product.
Polishes and Creams, Product.
Candles, Product.
Pastes and Waxes, Product.
Casein, Product.
Albumins (including concentrates of two …, Product.
Gelatin, Product.
Peptones and their derivatives; other pr…, Product.
Dextrins and other modified starches (e.…, Product.
Prepared glues and other prepared adhesi…, Product.
Enzymes, Product.
Propellant Powders, Product.
Prepared Explosives, Product.
Detonating Fuses, Product.
Fireworks, Product.
Matches, Product.
Ferro-cerium and other pyrophoric alloys…, Product.
Photographic Plates, Product.
Photographic Film, Product.
Photographic Paper, Product.
Undeveloped Exposed Photographic Materia…, Product.
Developed Exposed Photographic Material, Product.
Motion-picture film, exposed and develop…, Product.
Photographic Chemicals, Product.
Artificial Graphite, Product.
Activated Carbon, Product.
Tall Oil, Product.
Wood Pulp Lyes, Product.
Gum, wood or sulphate turpentine, other …, Product.
Rosin, Product.
Wood Tar, Oils and Pitch, Product.
Insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides, …, Product.
Finishing agents, dye carriers to accele…, Product.
Metal Pickling Preparations, Product.
Antiknock, Product.
Prepared rubber accelerators; compound p…, Product.
Fire Extinguishers Preparations, Product.
Organic Composite Solvents, Product.
Reaction initiators, reaction accelerato…, Product.
Refractory Cements, Product.
Alkylbenzenes and Alkylnaphthalenes, Product.
Disc Chemicals for Electronics, Product.
Hydraulic Brake Fluid, Product.
Antifreeze, Product.
Prepared culture media for the developme…, Product.
Reagents; diagnostic or laboratory reage…, Product.
Industrial monocarboxylic fatty acids; a…, Product.
Prepared binders for foundry moulds or c…, Product.
Residual products of the chemical or all…, Product.
Biodiesel and mixtures thereof; not cont…, Product.