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Plastics and Rubbers, Product.
Ethylene Polymers, Product.
Propylene Polymers, Product.
Styrene Polymers, Product.
Vinyl Chloride Polymers, Product.
Other Vinyl Polymers, Product.
Acrylic Polymers, Product.
Polyacetals, Product.
Polyamides, Product.
Amino-resins, Product.
Silicone, Product.
Petroleum resins, coumarone-indene resin…, Product.
Cellulose and its chemical derivatives, …, Product.
Natural polymers (e.g. alginic acid) and…, Product.
Polymer Ion-Exchangers, Product.
Scrap Plastic, Product.
Monofilament, Product.
Plastic Pipes, Product.
Plastic Floor Coverings, Product.
Self-adhesive Plastics, Product.
Plastics; plates, sheets, film, foil and…, Product.
Plastic plates, sheets, film, foil and s…, Product.
Sanitary ware; baths, shower-baths, sink…, Product.
Plastic Lids, Product.
Tableware, kitchenware, other household …, Product.
Plastics; builders' wares n.e.c. or incl…, Product.
Articles of plastics and articles of oth…, Product.
Rubber, Product.
Synthetic Rubber, Product.
Reclaimed Rubber, Product.
Scrap Rubber, Product.
Compounded Unvulcanised Rubber, Product.
Unvulcanised rubber in other forms (e.g.…, Product.
Rubber Thread, Product.
Rubber Sheets, Product.
Tubes, pipes and hoses, of vulcanised ru…, Product.
Rubber Belting, Product.
Rubber Tires, Product.
Retreaded or used pneumatic tyres of rub…, Product.
Rubber Inner Tubes, Product.
Pharmaceutical Rubber Products, Product.
Articles of apparel and clothing accesso…, Product.
Articles of vulcanised rubber other than…, Product.
Hard rubber (e.g. ebonite) in all forms,…, Product.