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Paper Goods, Product.
Mechanical Wood Pulp, Product.
Dissolving Grades Chemical Woodpulp, Product.
Sulfate Chemical Woodpulp, Product.
Sulfite Chemical Woodpulp, Product.
Wood pulp obtained by a combination of m…, Product.
Pulps of fibres derived from recovered (…, Product.
Recovered Paper, Product.
Newsprint, Product.
Uncoated paper and paperboard, used for …, Product.
Facial Tissue, Product.
Uncoated Kraft Paper, Product.
Uncoated paper and paperboard n.e.c., in…, Product.
Vegetable Parchment, Product.
Composite Paper, Product.
Paper and paperboard, corrugated (with o…, Product.
Carbon paper, self copy paper, and other…, Product.
Paper and paperboard, coated one or both…, Product.
Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and…, Product.
Paper Pulp Filter Blocks, Product.
Cigarette Paper, Product.
Wallpaper, Product.
Other Carbon Paper, Product.
Letter Stock, Product.
Toilet paper, width 36cm or less or cut …, Product.
Paper Containers, Product.
Paper Notebooks, Product.
Paper Labels, Product.
Paper Spools, Product.
Paper, paperboard, cellulose wadding and…, Product.
Brochures, Product.
Newspapers, Product.
Children's Picture Books, Product.
Sheet Music, Product.
Maps, Product.
Architectural Plans, Product.
Unused postage, revenue or similar stamp…, Product.
Decals, Product.
Postcards, Product.
Calendars, Product.
Printed matter, n.e.c., including printe…, Product.