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Textiles, Product.
Silkworm Cocoons, Product.
Raw Silk, Product.
Silk Waste, Product.
Non-Retail Silk Yarn, Product.
Silk Waste Yarn, Product.
Retail Silk Yarn, Product.
Silk Fabrics, Product.
Wool, Product.
Animal Hair, Product.
Wool or Animal Hair Waste, Product.
Garnetted Wool or Animal Hair, Product.
Prepared Wool or Animal Hair, Product.
Non-Retail Carded Wool Yarn, Product.
Non-Retail Combed Wool Yarn, Product.
Non-Retail Animal Hair Yarn, Product.
Retail Wool or Animal Hair Yarn, Product.
Horsehair Yarn, Product.
Carded Wool or Animal Hair Fabric, Product.
Combed Wool or Animal Hair Fabric, Product.
Horsehair Fabric, Product.
Raw Cotton, Product.
Cotton Waste, Product.
Prepared Cotton, Product.
Cotton Sewing Thread, Product.
Non-Retail Pure Cotton Yarn, Product.
Non-Retail Mixed Cotton Yarn, Product.
Retail Cotton Yarn, Product.
Light Pure Woven Cotton, Product.
Heavy Pure Woven Cotton, Product.
Light Mixed Woven Cotton, Product.
Heavy Mixed Woven Cotton, Product.
Other woven fabrics of cotton, n.e.c. in…, Product.
Flax Fibers, Product.
Hemp Fibers, Product.
Jute and Other Textile Fibers, Product.
Coconut, abaca (Manila hemp or Musa text…, Product.
Flax Yarn, Product.
Jute Yarn, Product.
Other Vegetable Fibers Yarn, Product.
Flax Woven Fabric, Product.
Jute Woven Fabric, Product.
Other Vegetable Fibers Fabric, Product.
Artificial Filament Sewing Thread, Product.
Non-Retail Synthetic Filament Yarn, Product.
Non-Retail Artificial Filament Yarn, Product.
Synthetic monofilament of 67 decitex or …, Product.
Artificial monofilament of 67 decitex or…, Product.
Retail Artificial Filament Yarn, Product.
Synthetic Filament Yarn Woven Fabric, Product.
Artificial Filament Yarn Woven Fabric, Product.
Synthetic Filament Tow, Product.
Artificial Filament Tow, Product.
Unprocessed Synthetic Staple Fibers, Product.
Unprocessed Artificial Staple Fibers, Product.
Artificial Fibers Waste, Product.
Processed Synthetic Staple Fibers, Product.
Processed Artificial Staple Fibers, Product.
Non-Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Sewi…, Product.
Non-Retail Synthetic Staple Fibers Yarn, Product.
Non-Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Yarn, Product.
Retail Artificial Staple Fibers Yarn, Product.
Synthetic Fabrics, Product.
Light Synthetic Cotton Fabrics, Product.
Heavy Synthetic Cotton Fabrics, Product.
Woven fabrics of synthetic staple fibres…, Product.
Woven Fabric of Synthetic Staple Fibers, Product.
Wadding, Product.
Felt, Product.
Non-woven Textiles, Product.
Rubber Textiles, Product.
Metallic Yarn, Product.
Gimp Yarn, Product.
Twine and Rope, Product.
Netting, Product.
Articles of yarn, strip or the like of h…, Product.
Knotted Carpets, Product.
Carpets and other textile floor covering…, Product.
Tufted Carpets, Product.
Felt Carpets, Product.
Carpets and other textile floor covering…, Product.
Woven Fabrics, Product.
Terry Fabric, Product.
Gauze, Product.
Tulles and other net fabrics; not includ…, Product.
Tapestries; hand-woven, (Gobelins, Fland…, Product.
Narrow Woven Fabric, Product.
Labels, Product.
Ornamental Trimmings, Product.
Fabrics, woven; of metal thread and meta…, Product.
Embroidery, Product.
Quilted Textiles, Product.
Gum Coated Textile Fabric, Product.
Polyamide Fabric, Product.
Plastic Coated Textile Fabric, Product.
Linoleum, Product.
Textile Wall Coverings, Product.
Rubber Textile Fabric, Product.
Coated Textile Fabric, Product.
Textile Wicks, Product.
Textile hose piping and similar textile …, Product.
Textiles; transmission or conveyor belts…, Product.
Technical Use Textiles, Product.
Fabrics; pile fabrics, including long pi…, Product.
Fabrics; knitted or crocheted, other tha…, Product.
Fabrics; knitted or crocheted fabrics, o…, Product.
Fabrics; knitted or crocheted fabrics of…, Product.
Fabrics; warp knit (including those made…, Product.
Fabrics; knitted or crocheted fabrics, o…, Product.
Knit Men's Coats, Product.
Knit Women's Coats, Product.
Knit Men's Suits, Product.
Knit Women's Suits, Product.
Knit Men's Shirts, Product.
Knit Women's Shirts, Product.
Knit Men's Undergarments, Product.
Knit Women's Undergarments, Product.
Knit T-shirts, Product.
Knit Sweaters, Product.
Knit Babies' Garments, Product.
Knit Active Wear, Product.
Garments of Impregnated Fabric, Product.
Garments; knitted or crocheted, n.e.c. i…, Product.
Hosiery; panty hose, tights, stockings, …, Product.
Knit Gloves, Product.
Other Knit Clothing Accessories, Product.
Non-Knit Men's Coats, Product.
Non-Knit Women's Coats, Product.
Non-Knit Men's Suits, Product.
Non-Knit Women's Suits, Product.
Non-Knit Men's Shirts, Product.
Non-Knit Women's Shirts, Product.
Non-Knit Men's Undergarments, Product.
Non-Knit Women's Undergarments, Product.
Non-Knit Babies' Garments, Product.
Felt or Coated Fabric Garments, Product.
Non-Knit Active Wear, Product.
Other Women's Undergarments, Product.
Handkerchiefs, Product.
Scarves, Product.
Neck Ties, Product.
Non-Knit Gloves, Product.
Clothing accessories n.e.c.; parts of ga…, Product.
Blankets, Product.
House Linens, Product.
Window Dressings, Product.
Bedspreads, Product.
Packing Bags, Product.
Tarpaulins, awnings and sunblinds; tents…, Product.
Textiles; made up articles n.e.c. in cha…, Product.
Packaged Sewing Sets, Product.
Used Clothing, Product.
Textile Scraps, Product.