All products
Metals, Product.
Pig Iron, Product.
Ferroalloys, Product.
Iron Reductions, Product.
Scrap Iron, Product.
Iron Powder, Product.
Iron Ingots, Product.
Semi-Finished Iron, Product.
Hot-Rolled Iron, Product.
Cold-Rolled Iron, Product.
Coated Flat-Rolled Iron, Product.
Large Flat-Rolled Iron, Product.
Large Coated Flat-Rolled Iron, Product.
Hot-Rolled Iron Bars, Product.
Raw Iron Bars, Product.
Iron or non-alloy steel; bars and rods, …, Product.
Iron Blocks, Product.
Iron Wire, Product.
Stainless Steel Ingots, Product.
Large Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel, Product.
Flat-Rolled Stainless Steel, Product.
Hot-Rolled Stainless Steel Bars, Product.
Other Stainless Steel Bars, Product.
Stainless Steel Wire, Product.
Steel Ingots, Product.
Flat Flat-Rolled Steel, Product.
Flat-Rolled Iron, Product.
Steel Bars, Product.
Other Steel Bars, Product.
Steel Wire, Product.
Iron Sheet Piling, Product.
Iron Railway Products, Product.
Cast Iron Pipes, Product.
Iron Pipes, Product.
Iron or steel (excluding cast iron); tub…, Product.
Iron or steel (excluding cast iron); tub…, Product.
Tube or pipe fittings (e.g. couplings, e…, Product.
Iron Structures, Product.
Large Iron Containers, Product.
Small Iron Containers, Product.
Iron Gas Containers, Product.
Stranded Iron Wire, Product.
Barbed Wire, Product.
Iron Cloth, Product.
Iron Chains, Product.
Iron Anchors, Product.
Iron Nails, Product.
Iron Fasteners, Product.
Sewing and knitting needles, bodkins, cr…, Product.
Iron Springs, Product.
Iron Stovetops, Product.
Iron Radiators, Product.
Iron Housewares, Product.
Iron Toiletry, Product.
Other Cast Iron Products, Product.
Iron or steel; articles, n.e.c. in chapt…, Product.
Precipitated Copper, Product.
Raw Copper, Product.
Refined Copper, Product.
Scrap Copper, Product.
Copper Alloys, Product.
Copper Powder, Product.
Copper Bars, Product.
Copper Wire, Product.
Copper Plating, Product.
Copper Foil, Product.
Copper Pipes, Product.
Copper; tube or pipe fittings (e.g. coup…, Product.
Stranded Copper Wire, Product.
Copper, nails, tacks, drawing pins, stap…, Product.
Copper; table, kitchen or other househol…, Product.
Copper; articles thereof n.e.c. in chapt…, Product.
Nickel Mattes, Product.
Raw Nickel, Product.
Scrap Nickel, Product.
Nickel Powder, Product.
Nickel Bars, Product.
Nickel Sheets, Product.
Nickel; tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fi…, Product.
Nickel; articles thereof n.e.c. in chapt…, Product.
Raw Aluminium, Product.
Scrap Aluminium, Product.
Aluminium Powder, Product.
Aluminium Bars, Product.
Aluminium Wire, Product.
Aluminium Plating, Product.
Aluminium Foil, Product.
Aluminium Pipes, Product.
Aluminium; tube or pipe fittings (e.g. c…, Product.
Aluminium; structures (excluding prefabr…, Product.
Large Aluminium Containers, Product.
Aluminium Cans, Product.
Aluminium Gas Containers, Product.
Stranded Aluminium Wire, Product.
Aluminium Housewares, Product.
Aluminium; articles n.e.c. in chapter 76, Product.
Raw Lead, Product.
Scrap Lead, Product.
Lead Sheets, Product.
Lead; articles n.e.c. in chapter 78, Product.
Raw Zinc, Product.
Scrap Waste, Product.
Zinc Powder, Product.
Zinc Bars, Product.
Zinc Sheets, Product.
Zinc; articles n.e.c. in chapter 79, Product.
Raw Tin, Product.
Scrap Tin, Product.
Tin Bars, Product.
Tin; articles n.e.c. in chapter 80, Product.
Tungsten, Product.
Molybdenum, Product.
Tantalum, Product.
Magnesium, Product.
Cobalt, Product.
Bismuth, Product.
Cadmium, Product.
Titanium, Product.
Zirconium, Product.
Antimony, Product.
Manganese, Product.
Other Metals, Product.
Cermets, Product.
Tools, hand; spades, shovels, mattocks, …, Product.
Tools, hand; saws and blades for saws of…, Product.
Hand Tools, Product.
Wrenches, Product.
Tools, hand; (including glaziers' diamon…, Product.
Tool Sets, Product.
Interchangeable Tool Parts, Product.
Cutting Blades, Product.
Tool Plates, Product.
Cooking Hand Tools, Product.
Knives; with cutting blades, serrated or…, Product.
Razor Blades, Product.
Scissors; tailors' shears and similar sh…, Product.
Cutlery; other articles, (e.g. hair clip…, Product.
Cutlery Sets, Product.
Padlocks, Product.
Metal Mountings, Product.
Safes, Product.
Filing Cabinets, Product.
Metal Office Supplies, Product.
Bells and Other Metal Ornaments, Product.
Flexible Metal Tubing, Product.
Other Metal Fasteners, Product.
Metal Stoppers, Product.
Metal Signs, Product.
Coated Metal Soldering Products, Product.