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Machines, Product.
Nuclear Reactors, Product.
Steam Boilers, Product.
Central Heating Boilers, Product.
Auxiliary plant for use with boilers of …, Product.
Water and Gas Generators, Product.
Steam Turbines, Product.
Spark-Ignition Engines, Product.
Combustion Engines, Product.
Engine Parts, Product.
Hydraulic Turbines, Product.
Gas Turbines, Product.
Engines and motors; n.e.c. (e.g. reactio…, Product.
Liquid Pumps, Product.
Air Pumps, Product.
Air Conditioners, Product.
Liquid Fuel Furnaces, Product.
Industrial Furnaces, Product.
Refrigerators, Product.
Machinery, plant (not domestic), or labo…, Product.
Rolling Machines, Product.
Centrifuges, Product.
Washing and Bottling Machines, Product.
Scales, Product.
Liquid Dispersing Machines, Product.
Pulley Systems, Product.
Cranes, Product.
Fork-Lifts, Product.
Lifting, handling, loading or unloading …, Product.
Large Construction Vehicles, Product.
Other Construction Vehicles, Product.
Excavation Machinery, Product.
Soil Preparation Machinery, Product.
Harvesting Machinery, Product.
Dairy Machinery, Product.
Fruit Pressing Machinery, Product.
Other Agricultural Machinery, Product.
Mill Machinery, Product.
Machinery n.e.c. in this chapter, for th…, Product.
Papermaking Machines, Product.
Book-binding Machines, Product.
Other Paper Machinery, Product.
Machinery, apparatus and equipment (excl…, Product.
Printing machinery; used for printing by…, Product.
Artificial Textile Machinery, Product.
Textile Fiber Machinery, Product.
Looms, Product.
Knitting Machines, Product.
Machinery, auxiliary; for use with machi…, Product.
Felt Machinery, Product.
Household Washing Machines, Product.
Textile Processing Machines, Product.
Sewing Machines, Product.
Leather Machinery, Product.
Casting Machines, Product.
Metal-Rolling Mills, Product.
Machine-tools; for working any material …, Product.
Metalworking Transfer Machines, Product.
Metal Lathes, Product.
Drilling Machines, Product.
Metal Finishing Machines, Product.
Machine-tools; for planing, shaping, slo…, Product.
Forging Machines, Product.
Machine-tools; n.e.c. for working metal,…, Product.
Stone Working Machines, Product.
Woodworking machines, Product.
Machine-tools; parts and accessories sui…, Product.
Tools; for working in the hand, pneumati…, Product.
Soldering and Welding Machinery, Product.
Typewriters (other than printers of head…, Product.
Calculating machines and pocket-size dat…, Product.
Automatic data processing machines and u…, Product.
Office machines; not elsewhere classifie…, Product.
Machinery; parts and accessories (not co…, Product.
Stone Processing Machines, Product.
Glass Working Machines, Product.
Automatic goods-vending machines (e.g. p…, Product.
Machinery; for working rubber or plastic…, Product.
Machinery; for preparing or making up to…, Product.
Machinery and mechanical appliances; hav…, Product.
Metal Molds, Product.
Valves, Product.
Ball Bearings, Product.
Transmission shafts (including cam and c…, Product.
Gaskets and similar joints of metal shee…, Product.
Machines and apparatus of a kind used so…, Product.
Machinery parts; not containing electric…, Product.
Electric Motors, Product.
Electric Generating Sets, Product.
Electric Motor Parts, Product.
Electric transformers, static converters…, Product.
Electromagnets, Product.
Batteries, Product.
Electric Batteries, Product.
Vacuum cleaners, Product.
Electro-mechanical domestic appliances; …, Product.
Shavers, hair clippers and hair removing…, Product.
Electrical Ignitions, Product.
Electrical Lighting and Signalling Equip…, Product.
Lamps; portable, electric, designed to f…, Product.
Industrial or laboratory electric furnac…, Product.
Electric Soldering Equipment, Product.
Electric Heaters, Product.
Telephone sets, including telephones for…, Product.
Microphones and their stands; loudspeake…, Product.
Sound recording or reproducing apparatus, Product.
Video Recording Equipment, Product.
Sound or video recording apparatus; part…, Product.
Discs, tapes, solid-state non-volatile s…, Product.
Transmission apparatus for radio-broadca…, Product.
Navigation Equipment, Product.
Reception apparatus for radio-broadcasti…, Product.
Monitors and projectors, not incorporati…, Product.
Broadcasting Accessories, Product.
Traffic Signals, Product.
Signalling apparatus; electric sound or …, Product.
Electrical Capacitors, Product.
Electrical Resistors, Product.
Printed Circuit Boards, Product.
High-voltage Protection Equipment, Product.
Electrical apparatus for switching, prot…, Product.
Electrical Control Boards, Product.
Electrical Power Accessories, Product.
Electric Filament, Product.
Thermionic, cold cathode or photo-cathod…, Product.
Semiconductor Devices, Product.
Electronic integrated circuits, Product.
Other Electrical Machinery, Product.
Insulated Wire, Product.
Carbon-based Electronics, Product.
Electrical Insulators, Product.
Insulating fittings; for electrical mach…, Product.
Waste and scrap of primary cells, primar…, Product.