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Instruments, Product.
Optical Fibers, Product.
Mirrors and Lenses, Product.
Eyewear Frames, Product.
Eyewear, Product.
Binoculars, monoculars, other optical te…, Product.
Cameras, Product.
Video Cameras, Product.
Image Projectors, Product.
Photographic (including cinematographic)…, Product.
Microscopes, compound optical; including…, Product.
Microscopes (excluding optical microscop…, Product.
Liquid crystal devices not constituting …, Product.
Compasses, Product.
Surveying Equipment, Product.
Balances, Product.
Drawing, marking-out, mathematical calcu…, Product.
Medical Instruments, Product.
Therapeutic Appliances, Product.
Breathing Appliances, Product.
Orthopedic Appliances, Product.
X-Ray Equipment, Product.
Instructional Models, Product.
Machines and appliances for testing the …, Product.
Hydrometers, Product.
Instruments, apparatus for measuring or …, Product.
Instruments and apparatus; for physical …, Product.
Utility Meters, Product.
Revolution Counters, Product.
Oscilloscopes, Product.
Measuring or checking instruments, appli…, Product.
Thermostats, Product.
Machines and appliances, instruments or …, Product.
Precious Metal Watches, Product.
Base Metal Watches, Product.
Clocks with Watch Movements, Product.
Dashboard Clocks, Product.
Clocks, other, n.e.c., Product.
Time Recording Instruments, Product.
Time Switches, Product.
Watch Movements, Product.
Clock Movements, Product.
Incomplete Movement Sets, Product.
Watch Cases and Parts, Product.
Clock Cases and Parts, Product.
Watch Straps, Product.
Clock or watch parts; n.e.c. in chapter …, Product.
Pianos, Product.
Musical instruments; string, n.e.c. in h…, Product.
Musical instruments; wind (e.g. keyboard…, Product.
Musical instruments; percussion (e.g. dr…, Product.
Musical instruments; the sound of which …, Product.
Musical boxes, fairground and mechanical…, Product.
Musical instrument parts (for example, m…, Product.