Elected Authority in Isla De Pascua


isabel allende bussi

Partido Socialista de Chile (PS)

francisco chahuan chahuan

Renovación Nacional (RN)

ricardo lagos weber

Partido por la Democracia (PPD)

juan ignacio latorre riveros

Revolución Democrática

kenneth pugh olavarria

Renovación Nacional (RN)


pedro pablo edmunds paoa

Partido Progresista (PRO)



In 2013 firms located in Isla De Pascua exported US$ 16.25 K. During the last years, Isla De Pascua exports have increased at an annual average rate of 303%, from US$ 1.00 K in to US$ 16.25 K in 2013. Isla De Pascua only export is Brochures.

In 2016 firms located in Isla De Pascua imported US$ 129.69 K. During the last years, Isla De Pascua imports have decreased at an annual average rate of -5%, from US$ 164.58 K in to US$ 129.69 K in 2016. Isla De Pascua main import is Engine Parts, that represents 40% of Isla De Pascua total imports, followed by Textile Footwear that represents 16%.

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Tasa de Deserción

In 2017, school dropout in Isla De Pascua were 0 students, being 0 from Elementary and Secondary School, and 0 from High School

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Housing & Environment


The crimes of greatest social connotation with the highest number of reports in Isla De Pascua during 2016 were Larcenies, Injuries and Minor injuries.

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During 2016, 102 visas were granted to immigrants that declare residence in Isla De Pascua. The main origin countries are: Colombia and France. Most of them has High School as an education level.

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Infant & Childhood Mortality

In 2014, the number of deaths of children under 1 year in Isla De Pascua was 1.

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About the Childhood Mortality Rate

Infant & Childhood Mortality

Infant Mortality Rate


Presidential Elections

There's no data of electoral participation for Isla De Pascua on 2017 presidential election.

Results 1st Round 2017

Results 1st Round 2017