In 2016, Soybean Meal was 1032nd most exported product by Chile, of a total 1224 categories. Represented the NaN% of the country exports, where Region Metropolitana Santiago was main exported region, with a share of 100.0%.

Exports of Soybean Meal was $ 20.00 , where United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland was the only exports destiny.

Moreover, imports of Soybean Meal was $ 227.83 M, where Paraguay was the first imports destiny, with a share of 47.5 %, followed by Argentina and Bolivia, with a 27.9 % and 24.5 % respectively.


International Trade Balance

During the last 5 years, exports of Soybean Meal have increased at an annualized rate of NaN %, from $ 0.00 in 2011 to $ 20.00 in 2016. In the same period, imports of Soybean Meal have decreased at an annualized rate of -1.8 %, from $ 253.91 M in 2011 to $ 227.83 M in 2016.

Exports By Destination

Exports By Destination in 2016